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Kageyama Tobio and Shoyo Hinata  Haikyuu!!

Generation of Miracles + position / jersery number

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I wonder if our future was written in our past
I was your first taste, would you be my last?


T H E   M U S T A N G   U N I T

"My pawn, my bishop, my rook, my knight, and worst of all, they’ve even taken my queen. But I’m still not in check mate. Not yet anyway.” 

I told you, I'm quitting. 

This war is ours.

I couldn't throw it away
"Is he really going to quit?"
"No way. After all, he really doesn’t truly hate basketball."

The sky you saw all alone and the dreams you had while we passed each other
They remain as they were on that day nothing is changing

"I’m not fit to be a detective. You are my son after all. Your eyes…look just the same as mine…when I was young…"

Kuroko no Basket season 2 finale.

G R O W I N G    S T R O N G